Friday, June 18, 2010

Trinidad Artists At Trinidad Art

Ned's Place painting by Jim Welsh

Ned's Place by Jim Welsh

Trinidad Artists: Anne Anderson, Derek Bond, John Crater, Kevin Cunliffe, Sandy Factor, Beverly Harper, Kahish, Rose Kidder, Samual Lundeen, Sharon Malm-Read, Shely Mortensen, Susan Morton, Carol Peters, Dusty Pines, Mark Pringle, Sonja Roseth, Stephen B. Ruth, Naomi Silvertree, Bea Stanley, Marvin Trump, Lee Walashek, Jim Welsh, Jane Williams.

Trinidad Art Gallery is located at 490 Trinity St. in Trinidad California. For more information, call Ned Simmons at 677-0716

Reception Friday June 18, 6-8pm

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  1. A dashing piece. Is that an actual rendition of the Art Gallary? If so, very inviting.